Admiring Sadhguru!!

Although he is popular world over, a small intro to those who do not know or haven't heard of Sadhguru.  Sadhguru is a spiritual guru from India who is wise, witty and enlightened. He has answers to the most trickiest of questions and more often than not those answers are filled with humour. I love … Continue reading Admiring Sadhguru!!

The “Me Too Movement” in Bollywood

The whole Tanushree Dutta episode has brought forth the sorry state our country and the most revenue generating industry of our country "Bollywood" is in. What happened to Tanushree Dutta isn't an isolated incident. It happens all the time but most of the time the actresses keep mum fearing an end to their career which … Continue reading The “Me Too Movement” in Bollywood

10 of my favorite Quotes on Life and Positivity.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  -Albert Einstein : We are prone to over thinking. Sometimes we keep thinking about what happened in the past and sometimes we keep worrying about what's going to happen next. What do we do in the process?? Miss out on Today. So, it's prudent to learn … Continue reading 10 of my favorite Quotes on Life and Positivity.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is powerful. The impact of Positive Thinking on our lives is tremendous and in the recent years the concept of positive thinking and affirmations has gained huge popularity. So, what exactly is it?? Does it really work?? How?? If you ask me, it's the art of seeing good in every situation and focusing … Continue reading The Power of Positive Thinking

A Beginner’s Take on Blogging – Part 2

Here I am friends with the my sequel...haha...It's been a while since my last post. Reasons being.. I didn't want to write every single day. Been travelling. I found, not exactly found but tried something and really enjoyed doing it. I found this Karaoke App called the "Star Maker". It's amazing. You sing your favorite … Continue reading A Beginner’s Take on Blogging – Part 2

A Beginner’s Take On Blogging…Part 1

  Alright, so I'm a beginner who's trying her hand at blogging for the first time and is finding it difficult to find audience for her posts. I am sure there are many like me who are also trying  to do exactly the same.  In the process of blogging, I have come across a lot … Continue reading A Beginner’s Take On Blogging…Part 1

Note to Self – Shall I, Shan’t I??…

First things First, Happy Independence Day to all !!! This post is all about self motivation. 🙂 So, It's time to move again. The Army has decided that we've had enough of this station and so we were told to make a move. In the past week or so, it has become extremely difficult to … Continue reading Note to Self – Shall I, Shan’t I??…

18 Ways to read “The Bhagawad Gita”

My inspiration for today is a video shared to me on WhatsApp by one of my friends. When I clicked the play button, I never knew I would be in for such an abundance of knowledge, information and inspiration. Thank you for the forward Sirisha. Loved it. Although, "The Bhagawad Gita" is considered the holy … Continue reading 18 Ways to read “The Bhagawad Gita”

The Army Wife

The Army wife is a special being. She's smart, beautiful, dutiful, loving, talented (oh...the Army teaches her everything...right from cooking to painting to interiors to packing to event management), resourceful (well, does she have a choice?? has to be resourceful in order to set up a house in the most unheard of places, dismantle everything, … Continue reading The Army Wife